Monday, January 9, 2012

~Happy "Fool" Moon ;P~

"In August, my husband and I celebrated our thirty-eighth wedding anniversary. You know what I finally realized? If I had killed that man the day I thought about it, I'd have been out of jail by now." -Anita Milner

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Something Like Seven Minutes of Heaven

Happy Day, chick-a-dees!

It's been an interesting weekend. I am not quite sure how (or WHY) but I had heard as much as you all surely had, about the wonderful rare full moon that was on deck last night.

And, yet, I still spent 22 out of 24 hours yesterday thinking it was still Friday!

Yes, you can shake your head in dismay! I don't get it, either!
But that's what happens to bookworms or rammy pigs* like me.

We get all stuck in our headspace from time to time, calendars be damned.

Well, anyways, I did actually venture out from my home last night, still in "Friday" mode...and it was well after dark.

I haunted three different lady dens (i.e.: strip clubs) with two strapping gentlemen in tow, to see what I've been missing out on!

I like to go to strip clubs randomly every now and again not so much for the boobage, although, sure, boobs can be delightful for what they are....but kind of for technical, observatory reasons.....

Which, if I'm asked a banal, boorishly pedantic question or hear some general comment by friends in tow like,

 "Oooh, it looks busy! The girls must be making BANK!"

I either hold my tongue or throw their head for a tailspin when I reply,

 " Umm...have you seen ANY of those girls get tipped more than three bucks, aside from __________, who looks like she has her regular visiting her in the club right now? And, uh, why is the lap dance room empty?"

 Yes, she's HOT as all hell.

That doesn't mean she made more than whoever is the requisite 'ugmo' in the club tonight.

You're doing what a LOT of the guys here tonight are doing to this slamming, gorgeous gal....


But did you comment on her lusciousness while pulling out at a stack of dollars or are you just 'tipping me off' to a fellow hottie, as if that actually DOES something for ME  OR HER?

Whew! Where are my manners?

 I am not often prone to ranting in this way, but this is, truthfully, what I either think or, per chance, SAY when an 'outsider' thinks he can make an educated insider guess as to how a particular club, girl, or TYPE of club is doing.

It's hard to keep quiet.

But usually after giving them that above speech 'just once'...well, they try and compose more meaningful thoughts before speaking on the industry in my presence.

This was surely not meant to come out all mean, so I apologize in advance if any offense is taken whatsoever.

However, I might as well put it out there, no? I promise you I'm tooooootally reeeeeally nice, like 92% of the time.


But when something IS on my tends to come out if I have a direct, personal connection with what is being discussed or, sometimes, even mentioned!

That being said,

I enjoyed all three clubs for what they were and turned my spidey senses off for a bit so that I wouldn't spoil the evening with any off-the-cuff remarks.

A smirk, smile, and light shake of the head (no, no, my dear) is sometimes much more effective than anything else ever could be!

But, yes, I am glad I went.

I'm glad WE went.

And I'm glad that the three clubs were already catalogued in my mind as three of the best clubs in Los Angeles County.

I leave you with a few quotes, for some inspiration, feel-good time, and positive, altruistic reflection.

I hope you love them.

  I hereby present seven more of my ATF quotations:

1) "Gradually, everything that happens in the world is coming to be of interest everywhere in the world. And, gradually, thoughtful men and women everywhere are sitting in judgment upon the conduct of all nations."-Eliha Root

2) "I don't need a friend who changes when I change and who nods when I nod; my shadow does that much better."-Plutarch

3) "The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing."-A German Proverb

4) "The pendulum of the mind alternates between sense and nonsense, not between right and wrong."-Carl Jung

5) "Love is much like a wild rose---beautiful and calm, but willing to draw blood in its defense."-Mark Overby

6) "A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."-Margaret Mead

7) "Great thoughts speak only to the thoughtful mind, but great actions speak to all mankind."-Theodore Roosevelt

Time's Up!!!!


*This post was originally written and published on To Live and Grind in L.A. on March 20, 2011.

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Live and Grind's First Interview Ever: The Wall Street Stripper

Featured Female WebStar: Ms. Randi Newton of

Female WebStar, Randi Newton, graciously accepted my request to be my first feature interviewee for this site

Meet Randi

Randi Newton is the author of Wall Street Stripper, the book, and owns a website/blog of the same name.

A former Wall Street analyst turned exotic dancer turned media maven, she has been something of an inspiration to chick-a-dees like me.

Alors, imagine my excitement when she agreed and has quite quickly become such a warm, amiable, and friendly new... friend!!!


Continue on to see what transpires when two bookish gals meet up for a tete-a-tete:


Sandra London: Can you describe in more detail how and why you procured that funeral home job you mentioned on your website/blog:

Randi Newton:

When I worked at the funeral home, it was when I was in college and only for a short amount of time. I worked in pre-need sales-(buy before you die).

Let's face it, everyone will die someday. If you purchase a funeral beforehand, it ends up being a great deal cheaper than if you wait until someone else takes care of the costs for you...

Then again, once you've "moved on", it really doesn't affect your pocketbook does it? But it's an expensive "purchase" nonetheless.

I was a glorified secretary that was "in training" to do sales, which involved a lot of cold calling, and the sales position wasn't salaried, but comission based-when those sales were made, one could make a "killing"...pun intended, most comissions starting around $2,500.

BUT--- not everyone wants to pre-pay for their funeral.

It was a very somber and morbid feeling working around the profit of death. I was going through depression in college, and eventually left that position because I didn't see it leading to a "lively" future.

I did not take advantage of my half-off employee discount buy before you die funeral...oh well...

Sandra:  The nanny job: Were you a carer for a posh family? Did they have any unusual work duties for you or crazy demands or were they really laidback and creative types?

Randi: The family I worked with were posh, yet humble and very sensible with their finances from what I observed.

My work duties weren't crazy, no wild demands.

Although I talked on the phone entirely way too much (which they hated-and this was during my "off hours"), but I was a live in nanny so I was always on call.

The mother is a successful shoe designer, and the father is someone who's had a successful career in television-behind the scenes.

I don't keep in touch with them, but wish them the best.

Their children no longer have a nanny.


Sandra: What parallels did you see in working for a Manhattan nightclub after having worked on Wall Street? How did you apply what you learned from the corporate world to the club? Were there ways in which your experience actually HURT you or made it more difficult compared to dancers with less education or different life experiences?

Randi: The parallels I've seen working in a club, coming out of a corporate office job, or really any other job I've held, is that there are the same issues and problems, but presented in different circumstances.

There will always be peers you may not get along with, and minor disagreements here and there. But other than my co-workers being half naked, there wasn't THAT big of a difference. If anything, going into the job with a "business" mentality helped me:

a) maximize my time and profits and

b) deal better with co-workers by keeping my personal life and drama out of work so I could better focus on my tasks of actually WORKING at work.

It's a lot more than about taking off a dress.

It's about helping the bartenders, waitstaff, and hosts upsell and make money as well. It's teamwork.

A lot of people are under the impression that I had this amazing college education and that I was a straight A student.

I wasn't.

I got a scholarship through the Miss America Organization by winning one of their local pageants (Miss Omaha).

I didn't take advantage of the education that was offered to me. I do regret that.

I wasn't in the right mindset for the responsibilities that came with being a full time college student.

What I've been lucky with, is that I do have great interpersonal skills.

I get along with everyone. I'm willing to learn, and I'm easy to get along with.

Those little skills can get you a long way.

THAT is what has landed me the variety of job opportunities I've had over the years.

I've been extremely fortunate and am grateful about that.

Sandra: Did you meet many women who had similar previous occupations or came from similar educational backgrounds/lifestyles? Did they do better or worse?

Randi: I've met plenty of girls from the Midwest and from similar backgrounds like mine.

Usually their means of working at the club was an "in between" job until something else opened up in their field of choice.

With me, it's been something that's allowed me to pursue my writing aspirations and support myself while living in Manhattan.

Sandra:  What do you predict for the strip club industry for 2011? How has it started out so far, in your view? What about finances for New York/LA or the US in general?

Randi: I've said this many times, and I'll say it again. This industry is recession resistant.

When times are tough people love to go out and drink, chat with a beautiful woman, when times are great, they'll do the same thing.

It's an escape to the patron's everyday life.


Sandra: What do you think of the adult industry's newest platforms and movements towards pay-per-minute "live girls" ?

Randi: I'm not really familiar with the movement towards pay per minute web cam girls.

I do have friends who work in that field and they enjoy it.

I think that the internet is a great way for social networking and/or surfing to look for a hot chick to look at, but nothing beats sitting down and talking face to face with a live girl in person.

Sandra: Which new projects do you have on the horizon?

Randi: There are plenty.

Two years ago, when I was on the cover of the New York Post, and went on The O'Reilly Factor I was in a very different place, and on a different path.

I had a manuscript, scored and lost a book deal-I thought it was the end of the world.

Being thrown in the spotlight was overwhelming.

It's not that I wasn't ready for it, but there were many aspects of myself from that time that I wish I could re-do, or photoshop,

Since then I've grown up a lot.

Moved onto other projects:

1) I'm working on a new manuscript,

2) Executive Producing a documentary about Rick's Cabaret with an award winning director, and

3) Assistant Directing a production of The Vagina Monologues that is being performed at Rick's Cabaret's Flagship location in New York City.

A lot of girls leave the industry and seem to walk away from it as if they're entering the witness protection program, but that's not how I feel about it at all.

Eventually, when I'm ready to move on, I'll never forget Rick's Cabaret, because really, without them, I wouldn't have gotten to where I'm getting to today.

***End of Interview***

Go to to keep up-to-date with Ms. Newton's latest adventures.

Please Note:

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Send your request to imsandralondon at gmail dot com.

Include your name, website, projects, and what makes you awesome and worthy.

Be my STAR for the day (or several ;) )!

I dare you!!!

(Oh, and same goes for if you'd like to interview me for YOUR space on the web, but please put:

"Sandra, Be Interviewed" in the subject line.)

Featuring You Soon,

Sandra London

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Like Sweaters for Penguins: Exxxotica New Jersey

Photo credit: Toby Zerna

Uhh..mmm..yeah! Is that NOT the cutest picture EVAR? 

So, ya, like outerwear for penguins...***

I hope you all will allow me to be all warm and fuzzy and extend the cheeriest, fuzziest invite to Exxxotica New Jersey from November 4th-November 6th, 2011 <this weekend!>.

Come check out the latest in adult inter-tainment and webluvin'....all in one neat lil complex that be: the New Jersey Convention Center.

On opening night, pop in to my seminar on Webcamming for Fun and For Profit alongside Alex Goyk of MyFreeCams as we share with you the wonderful world of baring it all on the world wide web.

Lots o' sticky goodness and glob of g-string!

Guaranteed to be informative, interesting, and intensely stimulating. And you just might join the bare-assed brigade of webdom(me) with us all. 

Saddle up, young ladies and're in for a rip-roaring ride!

YEE HAW! OHHH......mmmmm.......flpbbffttttgrrr....purr....mmmm...oh, ya,mon!;)

Cheers and Kerchiefs,

Monday, October 31, 2011

Fifteen Freaky Factoids To Fondle

Fifteen Freaky Facts to Fondle

(Say that five times fast. Furiously! With fervor! While fisting!)

1) Only two female mammals possess hymens: Humans and Horses.

2) The Sanskrit word for "war" means "Desire for more cows."

3) Monaco's national orchestra is bigger than its army.

4) Anthropologists know of no known human society whose children don't play hide and seek.

5) Sex between snakes lasts from 6-12 hours.

6) In Chinese, the characters for "crisis" and "opportunity" are the same.

7) The word "Sunday" is not in the Bible.

8) Mosquitoes are attracted to people who have recently eaten bananas?*

9) A chimpanzee can learn to recognize itself in a mirror, however, a monkey cannot.

10) An adult giraffe's kick is so powerful, it can decapitate a lion.**

11) The Moon smells like gunpowder.

12) The whip was the first invention to break the sound barrier.***

13) Pearls melt in vinegar.****

14) Venus is the only planet in the solar system that rotates clockwise.

15) Honey is the only food that does not spoil.


*Attention: camgirls ;) jk!

** So speaking softly and carrying tall, skinny legs is a killer combo after all! *Smiles*

***You don't say!

****So, stay sweet and slippery, gentlemen! Or you're gonna get all wet if we play rough.....;P

Found these factoids at:

There's loads more there.

So if you liked some of these, you'll probably dig the whole montage.

Happy Friday!

Your Honey Chile',

Sandra London

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Secret Life of Words

HOME by TuBearStudios

I spent way too much time last night reading various online articles at the Wall Street Journal, Drudge Report, and even Fox News (shh!) in regards to the notorious 22 year old Tucson shooter, Jared Loughner. 

I shied away from addressing much in relation to this national tragedy until I had the time to gather as much reputable information and confirmed facts as possible. 

Well, there was plenty in Loughner's writing to mystify even the most creative thinkers amongst us. In my early academic career, I started out as a Psych major. 

Having successfully completed Advanced Placement Psychology class, I was feeling hungry (thirsty?) for more detailed study and research into the workings of the human mind. 

From the reports I have seen based on Loughner's scribblings, public outburts and online rants, he appears to be (and to have been) suffering from either genetic or drug-induced mental illness and probably has been for quite some time. 

This, of course, does not excuse ANY of his actions in any way whatsoever. 

However, I think his prophetic Q &A session with Gabrielle Giffords back in '07 touches on an interesting point in spite of himself. And, actually, one which actually serves to work AGAINST his hare-brained paranoiac ideology. 

"How do you know words mean anything?" Loughner asked. 
Giffords thought for a moment and then responded to his inquiry in Spanish. 

As a linguist, translator, interpreter and ardent francophile,  I would have had the biggest smile on my face had I been there to see this exchange. If you just don't get it, perhaps you never ever will.

How could words NOT have meaning? 

And which definition of 'mean' is one attaching to what is required for a word, or words, to, well, mean something? 

Confused yet?

See, if you're like me, you take one too many philosophy classes and start sounding just as obscure as those who are unitiated into the complexities of language, thought, and etre.

So, today as I logged on, I saw an AOL article about Sarah Palin and her use of the 'blood libel' rhetoric in her eight minute speech. 

This terminology incensed language scholars, speech writers, and anyone with a keen interest in history and the 'historicity' of words. 

You see, Gabrielle Giffords is of Jewish descent and the choice (willful or willfully ignorant, you decide) to employ said words recalls painful reminders of anti-semitic sentiment when Jews were accused of using the blood of Christian boys in religious rituals.

I don't want to point too harshly at any one political figure, but seeing how neatly these two stories tie in to ongoing debates about free speech, fighting words, and calls to action, well it feels very a propos. 

Couldn't resist!

Moreover, and this is only a reminder, but it must be stressed that words are things, my darlings, albeit in a figurative sense. 

Their form has the capacity to produce action, provoke reaction, and recall regrettable precedents that mean any number of things to each individual according to their unique reception of those words. 

That reception does not always end in pleasant, intended, or desired results.

Now, if I can take off the academic cap for a moment, I'd like to toussle my hair, recline on my couch, and return to the kookysexybeautiful girl beneath the sheets and on the other end of your screen.

Let's relax and have a beach...Life's a beach, is it not? 

Oh, and reeden iz funduhmentuhl.;)

Until next time. 

And hope I didn't bore you all...

I can be quite boring sometimes, indeed.

P.S.: And that's the word.